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Posted: 19 June, 2011 in Uncategorized

5 months since the last post but that will be the norm for now.  I’ll only be posting things that only matter to me.  I’m now all alone in the apartment since the family has to head home when the school reopens tomorrow.  Kind of missing them already especially when I’m totally alone and has nothing better to do than sitting around all day.

Lately we were cascaded of the imminent organisational change which was already giving me a mixed feeling of how are we exactly heading to.  My responsibilities now get bigger and is expected to get the team organised by mid July.  I was actually eyeing for a good break after almost a year without taking any leave.  However, I guess that will have to wait for a while then till this is sorted out.  With so much secrecy involved with the changes, I hope I can cope and fit in the team nicely with the available information at hand.

On the other hand, my project which started off early this year seems to be pretty much in good shape despite being not so optimistic about it earlier on.  It helps a lot that I got one very enthusiastic and hard working team member which I can rely on.  For once I do miss the old days where I prefer to work single handedly and deliver but I came to a realisation that now I really need to manage the team and get them to deliver instead.  Not easy initially but I’m starting to get a good drift of what is really required being a team leader which can gets very frustrating at times.

Time flies fast and pretty soon it’s going to be Ramadhan in no time but I’m keen to know if my new house project will be under way by then.  It’s as always something which keeps my mind excited for non-work related stuff which are peronally close to my heart as well.  Lets see what happens by August and perhaps that will be my new talking points for the coming months.


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Last Post in 2010

Posted: 30 December, 2010 in Uncategorized

I think I’ll just give it a go before wrapping up 2010. Life and work have been occupying my entire time that this blog is kind of neglected. At one time I was thinking of just deleting the blog and moves on. But thinking that I’ve put sheer effort into maintaining it for quite a while, it would be an injustice so to speak. I’ll continue to post any random stuff but I’m sure it will no longer be on regular basis.

Nevertheless, things in the office have been getting better towards the very last moment. I can’t take any leave since I’ve lots of unfinished business to attend. Thank goodness most if not all were already sorted out. Practically I can leave the office tomorrow at the eve of the new year 2011 with less worries and I can spend the long weekend duly satisfied with what I’ve achieved thus far. Not quite the time yet to think about next year challenges and honestly I just want to maintain the unusually good feeling till then. They can change in split second and keeping myself very positive should be enough to give me the much needed buying time at least to enjoy life to the fullest during the new year switchover :).

WordPress on Android

Posted: 28 November, 2010 in Uncategorized

It has been a while and this is for the sake of testing WordPress on Android .. lol.  Just hope it opens up more possibility of updating the blog on the go. Let’s see how it goes then.

It was hardly a blink from the last blogpost which by now it is already Day 4 of Hari Raya Aidilfitri.  So many things have  happened over the course of time since the Ramadhan and most notably was the demise of beloved auntie Hjh Maisalamah during the Ramadhan.  We will certainly miss her hospitality and company especially during the Hari Raya but what left are just fond and distant memories of the good times we have cherised with her.  Al Fatihah ….  Unfortunately on the brink of celebrating the Eid,  my parents’ home was inundated with flash floods which literally left the ground floor unfitting for use maybe for another week or so.  Considering that they are others that were even worst off with landslides and sorts, I think relatively our situation was still a lot better.  But regardless,  it should not be the reasons to dampen the spirits to celebrate the Eid this year.  Perseverance is certainly the key to make us more mature in managing these unforeseen things.

I am not taking any extended Hari Raya’s leave this year and giving way to my staff who probably need it badly than I do.  Probably a good opportunity to clear all outstanding work issues before the office normal hustle and bustle sets in when the people are coming back from leave in another week or so.  I am sure the office will be like a deserted place when I resume to work starting tomorrow.

Brief Euro Trips

Posted: 29 July, 2010 in Uncategorized

It was almost a week since our last Euro brief excursions within a hectic 1o days starting from London to Paris, back to London, to Liverpool and Manchester and back to London and home :).  Too tight to call but amazingly we managed to discipline thru’ the schedule as planned without any hiccups.  It was cold and wet weather at Liverpool and Manchester with temperature as low as 12 deg. celsius but otherwise London and Paris were just fine to top it off.  Summer sales were very tempting but at the end we have to restrain ourselves to avoid incurring excess baggages and  30 pounds per kg is a lot to not think twice.  We wished that we could have more time but have to be contented anyway and nevertheless it was still a very welcoming break from work.  Probably will consider another revisit next year to other parts of Europe but it will as usual needs advance and upfront plannings.

Some pixs uploaded to my FB :




That will be exactly 7 days before my UK trips and kind of looking forward for the very much needed break … coincidentally I am spending the whole week at KB till this weekend for my ECC duty, hence it helps me a lot in clearing the office stuffs before my leave.  I do not normally stayed back at work and worked thru’ weekends but this is a rare exception ..hehe.  As much as possible I would like to make it plain sailing to the person who gets the work delegations in my absence.  I hope I get rejuvenated by the time I am back for work but for now I just do not want to get too distracted with so many nagging work issues at the back of my minds.

Unfortunately,  I may be missing the camping trip for one of our expat buddy who is leaving in a month time.  Simply, he was unhappy being offered only 1 year work extension and may be heading to Dubai with better offers at hand.  We will gonna’ miss him being one of our close camping members sharing all the good nature experience since.  One of the exemplary PE that I have also worked together with few years back and wishing him luck and a successful future undertaking.